LaFontanella can co-pack your sauce, salsa, marinade & much more!  By slow cooking each product in small batches, we're able to match the ingredients & flavors of your product perfectly & at an affordable price.  

The co-pack process begins with a non-disclosure agreement, ensuring that the customer retains all rights to the proprietary formula of their product. In that agreement, LaFontanella agrees not to produce or share any product information without the permission of the customer.

Next, it's on to the test kitchen to formulate the recipe for production.  Our development team works with each customer individually to produce a test batch.  And then repeats the process until the product meets customer expectation. 

LaFontanella will then provide the customer with Nutritional Analysis & UPS Coding for product labels.  

Finally, the product is scheduled for production & packaged according to customer specifications.
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